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Computer handyman Mike
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"Take IT easy"

Ways to contact Mike:

  • Telephone: 01738 441245
  • Mobile: 07751 139670
  • Fax: 0870 7063267
  • Email: mike@computeze.co.uk
  • Website: www.computeze.co.uk

How my service works:

You can contact me by phone, email or fax and tell me what you need. Maybe I can provide you with a solution straight off the top of my head. If so, I see this as good for customer relations and there is no charge.

If I'm out on a job when you call, please leave some contact details on my answering machine. If possible, give a brief outline of your query.

If we agree that you need some time and energy spent on your requirements:

When I'm able to attend to your needs, I'll contact you. If you still need my service at that time, I'll be happy to provide it.
If your problem is already solved or you have found an alternative remedy, that's fine. Good luck and happy computing.

What my service costs:

Domestic and small business

For domestic and small business services that I'm able to carry out alone, I  currently charge based on an hourly rate of �15.00.

Larger Projects

For larger projects where it may be necessary for me to engage specialist expertise, I charge an estimated hourly rate of �25.00 plus costs.

The planning, scheduling and negotiations of these larger project will be carried out to the satisfaction of all parties involved and a contract will be agreed and signed before the work is started.

Computer handyman Mike's philosophy:

Computer systems are supposed to make life easier. My experience is that this is probably not something that's going to happen in the future, if it can't be made to happen today.
my attitude is, take IT easy today.   

There are are ways of handling computer hardware, software and data, which greatly reduce the potential for damage loss and aggravation. I employ them as fully as possible. I suggest that you do too.

Frequent system file and data back-up is a great anti-stress measure.

My level of expertise:

I'm to a Computer Engineer what an odd-job-man is to an Architect or Master Builder. I've worked with computers since the 80's. As my main objectives are learning rather than earning, my fields of activity are wide and varied. I have some knowledge of most computer specialities and a much deeper knowledge of some of them. My central expertise is in Internet research. This is  how I keep myself informed and up-to-date in most aspects of IT.

Some of the work I do:

Build computer systems, including dual-processor graphics and 
video processing

Design, construct and maintain small networks for educational and business use.

Install, configure and optimise a wide range of software, including office, graphics, Internet and web development applications.



Ways to contact Mike:

  • Telephone: 01738 441245
  • Mobile: 07751 139670
  • Fax: 0870 7063267
  • Email: mike@computeze.co.uk
  • Website: www.computeze.co.uk

Most frequently requested services of October 2013:

  • Computer recovery from virus infection due to faulty or outdated anti-virus software.
  • Drive cloning for system and data backup purposes .
  • Set-up and configuration of home network.
  • Broadband equipment installation.